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Best Florida Beer 2022 Results

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Calusa Brewing came home with 5 medals, plus received 2nd Runner-up for Best Large Brewery in Florida from Best Florida Beer competition on Sunday (3/6/22). The competition is held in Tampa, FL every year, inviting breweries from across Florida to participate. This was the second year entering since opening in April 2016, we medaled 5 out of 7 beers entered.

"Woah! We did a thing or two! Gold and silvers for Florida Flavor, Zote, Citronious, Green Lab, and Totemic. Heck, even a runner-up for Best Large Brewery in Florida! Super proud and thankful for the whole crew at Calusa! Thank you @bestfloridabeer for the amazing festival! Time to rehydrate and get back in the brewhouse!"

Jason Thompson - Owner/Head Brewer



FIRST PLACE - Hoppy Lager category

Florida Lager w/ Mosaic, Centennial & Saphir hops

Large Times 100% Guaranteed - Collaboration with our friends at The Florida Flavor (Not Your Average) Lifestyle Apparel Brand in Sarasota, FL.

THE GREEN LAB: M-BLEND - West Coast Pilsner

SECOND PLACE - Hoppy Lager category

West Coast Pilsner w/ M-Blend Cryo Hops

The Green Lab is an on-going experimental hop collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops (Yakima, WA). M-Blend was designed to maximize soluble ester content and focus on the mango profile. Brewer's Notes: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt and M-Blend Cryo Hops.


SECOND PLACE - Juicy/Hazy Strong Pale Ale category

Hazy, juicy and fresh, Zote IPA showcases the modern, citrusy character of Citra and Mosaic with classic Cascade and Centennial hops. Our flagship beer, Zote (ZOH-tay) takes its name from antique maps of Florida’s West Coast.


SECOND PLACE - Juicy/Hazy Pale Ale category

NEIPA w/ 100% Citra hops

Pouring a hazy gold, Citronious blasts with the fresh flavor and aromas of citrus, mango, and tropical fruits. This single-hopped IPA is a true showcase for the juicy, dank, notoriously big character of the dynamic Citra hop. This is the second time Citronious won a medal at Best Florida Beer Competition, 2019 Gold Medal in Hazy IPA category, read more

TOTEMIC - Table Saison

SECOND PLACE - Brett/Saison or Wild Ale category

Rustic, refreshing, and restorative, this foeder-fermented Table Saison crackles with dry, appetizing character and spirited, friendly funk.

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