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What a ride its been!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Nearly three years into production and things haven't slowed down yet.

The process of building our new website has been an awesome and nostalgic experience. Combing through the litany of photos, videos and general insanity forced a reminder of just how far we have actually come over the last three years. For those who may not know we took possession of the facility in December of 2015. At the time, Geordie was deployed, Jason was fixing to make an enormous leap across country and I was saddled with the trepidation of throwing it all on the line in hopes of chasing what, at the time, felt like nothing more than a dream.

A year and a half long buildout with no prior industry experience certainly brought its challenges, but we opened our doors in April of 2016 and haven't looked back since! This year alone we have added 4 new stainless fermenters, one badass oak #foeder (courtesy of our homies at Foedercrafters), an additional brite tank and a killer new onsite canning line.

Life is great and I'm humbled daily by the responses received from friends and patrons alike. We have big plans for Calusa moving forward and are thankful for each and every person who has helped along the way!

Oh, check out these awesome #Pilsner glasses for sale now in the Tasting Room before they are gone.



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