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Calusa Brewing

Calusa Brewing

who we are... 

An eclectic crew of dedicated brewers, production personnel, beer-tenders and all around culinary aficionados! 

A Veteran-owned, family-friendly craft brewery based in Sarasota, Florida and committed to creating quality brews in a welcoming environment for our patrons to enjoy.


Passionate about making a wide variety of styles including traditional offerings,

unfiltered, hop-forward beers and mixed-fermentation.


We have an amazing, dedicated team withhout whom which none of this would be possible.     

Where we've been... 

We have been a lot of places and are thankful our experiences have lead us back to Sarasota! 


The idea for Calusa began with Geordie and Vic in San Diego, CA. There, two determined brothers-in-law witnessed a craft beer eruption and immediately started talking about bringing the concept home. Through mutual friends we hooked up with our Head Brewer/Partner Jason. Jason's detail oriented approach and similarly hard charging work ethic exhibited the qualities we wanted in our team. It didn't hurt that his IPAs and Saisons were killer.


Since then we've had the fortune to assemble an amazing group of passionate individuals who make Calusa what it is today. The company continues to grow in size, but we are committed to maintaining our passion in each and every pint.       

Where we are going... 

We firmly believe that integrity, hard work and a continued focus on quality are the keys to success.

Our continued and controlled expansion recently  included increasing capacity, the purchase of additional quality control measures/equipment and the addition of a new onsite canning line.


Increased onsite availability of both clean and mixed-fermented beers supported by a controlled growth in our local and regional off-premise draft presence. 

With the help of our amazingly supportive community and awesome retail/distribution partners we can't wait to bring more liquid deliciousness in the future!   

...and why calusa?

The Calusa were Native Americans who inhabited Florida's Gulf Coast prior to Spanish arrival in the 1500's. Simply, the Calusa embodied what we love about ourselves and our home. They were a fierce, intelligent people who had a tremendous respect for the ocean and Florida's natural resources. As an aquatically focused collection of individuals we admired those traits and strive to walk in similar footsteps.