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  • Do you rent your tasting room for private parties, meeting, events, or functions?"
    Our Tasting Room operates 6 days a week and as such is generally not available for private parties. We are happy to help you plan a visit or bring a group, but please know the tasting room will always remain open to outside patrons. We apprecaite advance notice for groups of 10 or more people as it assists us in providing a solid experince for everyone involved. For info or assistance please email
  • Do you serve food?
    We generally have food trucks scheduled every day outside of the Tasting Room. Hours vary by day and events, but they are typically onsite between 5pm and 9pm at the very least. We try to support those that support us, so while you are always welcome to bring in outside food, we encourage you to try and support our amazing assortment of food vendor partners! Check out who is on site this week here.
  • Do you allow children in the Tasting Room
    Well behaved children with responsible and attentive parents are always welcome at Calusa! Children are not allowed to sit at the bar and we ask that the parents accompany children when playing any onsite games (pool, bag toss, ect...)
  • Can my band play at the brewery?
    We do occasionally hold live music onsite, but not with any regularity and typically it is infrequent. If you are interested in playing please contact
  • Will you fill a growler from another brewery?
    Yes, we don't discriminate and will fill any growler provided it is clearly labeled 32 oz or 64 ozs. Please be aware we will seal, tag and date the bottle per State and Federal requirements.
  • May I purchase a keg to take home from the brewery?
    We do not typically sell kegs direct through the tasting room due to supply and demand limitations. However, occasional exceptions are made for offsite events. If you would like to inquire about the possibility of purchasing a keg for your event please email Please be aware deposits for kegs and taps may be applicable.
  • Will you participate or pour at my event?
    We greatly appreciate all of the amazing opportunities that come our way, but sometimes we are forced to politely decline due to limitations. For info regarding specific functions please email our info page at with as much detail as possible regarding your specific event. Please click this link for more information regarding events prior to sending requests.
  • Will you donate to my charity/event/function?
    Calusa supports a wide range of charitable organizations throughout the Sarasota/Bradenton area. We love to support our community whenever possible, but please know we are not able to approve all of the opportunitiies that come our way as we may not always have the resources available to do so. For more infortion please read our donations policy and submit the attached form to
  • Will you send me stickers, coasters, labels for my collection?"
    We generally have stickers available in our Tasting Room. If you send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to: Calusa Brewing 5701 Derek Ave Sarasota, FL 34233 We will try our best to send a sticker or excess labels, but please note these are available on a first come first serve basis and may not always be readily available.
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