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Barrel-aged Beers

We hold a profound appreciation for the intricate and robust flavors that develop during the aging process in wood barrels. On this page, you'll embark on a journey through a selection of barrel-aged beers that vividly demonstrate the artistry of our brewers and the transformative effects of time.


From the velvety, bourbon-kissed allure of our Barrel-Aged Stouts to the graceful complexities of our Barrel-Aged Barleywines, our limited-edition barrel-aged brews symbolize the fusion of tradition and innovation.

BA Chocolates

13.9% A BA Imperial Sweet Stout with Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs, Milk Chocolate Pieces, Vanilla Bean, Toasted Coconut & Whole Bean Coffee.

Our Bourbon Barrel-aged Sweet Stout with just a touch of vanilla bean, toasted coconut, and whole bean coffee to emphasize the complex and entangled flavors of chocolate in other foods and in itself.

Contains Lactose

BA Ignorant Clod

15.4% English-style Barleywine aged for 30 Months in Bourbon Barrels

A full bodied, English-style Barleywine of malty richness and power. 30 months of barrel-aging in Elijah Craig Toasted Bourbon barrels brings a depth of flavor with notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramelized sugar. A regal, contemplative sipper for warm hearts and pointed insults.

BA Mixed Trail

14% Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout with Chocolate, Raisins, Cashews, Peanuts & Lactose.

This trail mix inspired imperial sweet stout was the first taproom-only treatment to find its way into package form, and now emerges from oak bourbon barrels. Laden with raisins, chocolate, and a variety of roasted nuts, this trailblazing beer will have you lacing up your boots. We recommend marking your route, just in case...

BA PB Swirl

14.2% Barrel-aged Imperial Sweet Stout with roasted peanuts, Ugandan vanilla beans, and vanillin.

Our Imperial Sweet Stout, debuting a peanut butter swirl treatment. Aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months, then rested on roasted peanuts, Ugandan vanilla beans, and vanillin. (Contains Lactose)

Be wary of the impeding vortex.

Rage And Remembrance

16% Barrel-aged Imperial Stout w/ Lactose

From a maelstrom of molten metal, charred oak and roasted barley emerge our most powerful beer to date. The Relentless grip of 27 months in bourbon barrels brings a wide-eyed terror and enveloping evil to life... the power of memory and rush of rage.

Contains Lactose.

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