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Mixed Culture/Fruit Beers

We're passionate about the intriguing and diverse flavors that emerge from blending wild cultures and succulent fruits into our brews. The enticing array of mixed culture and fruit beers perfectly encapsulates our brewing philosophy. From the lively, tart notes of beers from our Foeder to our modern fruit beers bursting with tart & sweet flavors. These selections are a testament to our dedication to exploring the realms of mixed fermentation and fruit infusion.


Gnarly Grooves

5.5% A tart Fruit Beer with guava.
Bright guava spinning sweet ‘n sour tropical tunes. An opus of fruit and refreshing satisfaction. Canned 8.7.2020 and 11.4.2022 is lactose FREE.



5.5% Tart Fruit Beer w/ over 1,200 lbs of Oranges, Passion Fruit & Peaches.


Pixel Vision

6.5% Fruit Beer with Passion Fruit
Jammy, juicy and tart, passion fruit visions blast in fruity colorful cubes. An aromatic and sweet party of 16-bit proportions. (NO LACTOSE IN 2022 BATCH)


The Narrows

5.2% 5 Year Barrel-aged Sour Brown Ale w/ Raspberries
You've made it this far. Deep waters carry aromas and flavors of wine barrels and raspberry - full, dark, and mysterious. Toasted chocolate malt character and a brisk acidity surround as you sail ever deeper into the journey.



4.2% Table Saison
Rustic, refreshing and restorative, this foeder-fermented Table Saison crackles with dry, appetizing character and spirited, friendly funk.
Silver Medal - Brett/Saison or Wild Ale

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