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Malt Forward Beers

We are passionate about brewing beers that showcase the rich, intricate flavors of malt. From the smooth roasted coffee, & cinnamon nuances of our Dissonance Brown Ale to the fruity, and malty depths of our Ravenhold Pub Ale. These beers celebrate the shifting seasons and our relentless exploration of malt's diverse character and excellence.


6.5% Breakfast Brown Ale
A compelling marriage of local cold brewed coffee and smooth roasted malts, Dissonance both soothes and stimulates. A touch of Saigon cinnamon brings a note of mystery to this full-flavored American Brown Ale. CONTAINS LACTOSE

King's Creatures

6.9% English Export Stout
Deeply roasty, elegant and sinister; a hypnotic darkness and scary drinkability. Monsters covet and hoard the British malt notes of espresso, toast and light toffee with a traditional ale strain.


5% Bavarian-style Märzen

Gorgeous, drinkable and powerful. Märzen beers have deep roots in celebration and the fall season. The classic lager showcases a full, toasty malt character and deep, autumnal colors. PROST!

BEST FLORIDA BEER Oktoberfest Pro 2022
German Maerzen - Gold Medal Winner


5% English-style Pub Ale

A gorgeous copper hue and a compelling balance of toasty malt, fruit, and creamy drinkability. Highly prized East Kent Goldings give a fresh, herbal, spicy, earthly, defining English character. A world class Ale evoking both reflection and a true joy of the moment.

Rule of Thumb

4.5% Irish Stout
Rule of Thumb embodies the rich, roasty, and hearty character of a classic Irish Stout. Pouring a deep, opaque black color with a creamy white head, this beer delivers complex aromas & flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and toasted barley. The light body and smooth mouthfeel make it the perfect choice for any beer lover looking for a traditional stout with a modern twist.

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