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Light Beers

Indulge in our ever-evolving selection of light-styles, tailored for those seeking crisp, nothing-to-hide-behind beers. From the clean, yeast & malt-driven profiles of our Bait Shop Kölsch-style Ale to the zesty, citrus delight of The Florida Flavor Lager. These offerings exemplify our commitment to delivering diverse and invigorating flavors.

Bait Shop

5% Kolsch-style Ale
Experience the captivating fusion of Calusa and PigFish. Embark on a refined taste adventure with Bait Shop Kölsch, destined to elevate your seafood experience and captivate your palate. Brewed in collaboration with our local friends at PigFish (Sarasota, FL), this culinary collaboration harmonizes crispness, lively citrus notes, foreshadowing perfect pairings with PigFish's succulent & sustainable fish sandwiches.


4% Helles Lager
An American love letter to the iconic golden lager of Munich - bright and balanced yet full of classic malt character and a fierce drinkability. Best enjoyed by the stein-full in the Bavarian (or Floridian) sunshine.

Fridge Beer

4.5% American Light Lager
Barley, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Yeast & Hops. This beer is an attempt to combine some of our favorite lite lagers into one beer. Great malt character and supremely drinkable.

Bronze Medal - American-style Lager

Legacy Trail Lager

5% Czech-style Pilsner w/ Czech Malt & Czech Saaz hops
Legacy Trail Lager, this Czech-style Pilsner is brewed with a traditional step mash and decoction to amplify the malt character and its complexity. A crisp and refreshing reward after enjoying The Legacy Trail by foot or on wheels.


4.8% German-style Pilsner
Crisp, complex and classic, this German Lager pours a brilliant, sparkling gold. Made with only the highest-quality German malts, aromatic noble hop varieties and a traditional long, cold maturation. Some things are classics for a reason.

Poquito Mas

4% Mexican-style Lager
Crisp, brilliant and refrescante - a clean lager fermentation lets the subtle malt and fresh aroma shine. “Uno mas?”

The Florida Flavor

5.5% Florida Lager w/ Mosaic, Centennial & Saphir hops

Large Times 100% Guaranteed - Collaboration with our friends at The Florida Flavor (Not Your Average) Lifestyle Apparel Brand in Sarasota, FL.

Gold Medal - Hoppy Lager

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